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Exterior Stone Paving – Granite And Portland Stone

Exterior Stone Paving –  Granite And Portland Stone
portland stone

Portland Stone Paving

Exterior paving is one of the most costly and permanent features to your outdoor area, so you need to carefully consider the type of stone that you want to use.

Another important factor is where you plan to pave. The front of a property, steps, around a swimming pool or a simple patio area will determine which type of stone is suitable and also the image you want to portray.

Granite and Portland are two types of natural stone that will add beauty and value to your outdoor area.

Granite portland stone

Granite is the hardest stone there is. It is an igneous rock with a coarse, grainy appearance and a swirling pattern. It is available in a wide range of colours: black, grey, cream, brown and even blue hues.

Granite is quarried in many countries around the world including, Italy, USA, Canada, Portugal and Russia.

It is an incredibly durable stone. It has been used for construction since ancient times. Structures built by ancient Greeks and Egyptians are still standing today. Famous examples are the pyramids of Egypt and the Parthenon in Greece.

The resistance and weight-bearing capacity of granite makes it an ideal choice for driveways. Hard-wearing, it can withstand the most harshest weather conditions. With hardly any maintenance requirements, granite is a ideal for outdoor areas. The stone is non-slip, making it a good choice for outdoor steps and poolside paving.

Portland Stone    portland stone

If you wish to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor area, then you should consider Portland stone. Portland is a creamy-white coloured, Jurassic limestone, quarried on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. It is one of the most extensively used stones in London. Portland stone became popular back in the 17th Century, when timber was no longer considered a viable construction material after the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Some of the most famous landmarks in London are constructed with Portland stone. These include Buckingham Palace, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and Whitehall.

Portland is a beautiful addition to any property, but if you want to make an impressive entrance then it is the ideal stone for outdoor steps. Some of the most prestigious houses in London, notably in Chelsea and Belgravia are set off by their stunning entrance steps, built in Portland stone.

Portland stone is not only stylish, but practical too. The non-slip surface makes it a perfect choice for your property steps.

These two natural stones can make all the difference to your outdoor area. Their timeless quality will add style and value to your property.

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