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Hard and Soft Landscaping

Hard and Soft Landscaping

Hard and soft landscaping can both play a pivotal role in improving an outdoor living space. Hard landscaping – or hardscaping – refers to management of hard materials such as stones and rocks, whilst softscaping is used when the management of gardens, grass, flowerbeds and trees is being implemented. When great hard and soft landscaping are fused together, the results can be extraordinary.

Beauty and Practicality

Hard landscaping is focused on the practical as well as the visual, whilst softscaping is generally used to provide the decorative final touches. We can offer both hard and soft landscaping, working with your outdoor space to create something of real value and beauty. Sometimes, softscaping can’t be implemented until all hardscape features are put in place. We can work closely alongside you to create magical outdoor space that you enjoy for years to come – whilst adding a meaningful sum of value to your home.

A Passion for Outdoor Space

Allow the London Stone Step Company to be your one-stop shop for soft and hardscaping. We can provide excellent access to your gardens, flowers, trees and plants via paving stones, driveways and steps. Some of the materials that we can offer include Yorkstone, Portman Stone and granite. Whether you have a firm idea of what you’re looking for or need a little help in coming up with ideas, why not let us help? We have provided hard and soft landscaping for an array of residential and commercial clients in the south east of England, enthralling all our clients with our skill, dedication and passion for stunning outdoor spaces.

Vast Skills and Techniques

Whether you’re looking for driveways, walls, water features or custom designs, we’re here for you. The London Stone Steps  Company is a friendly yet professional family business that has worked with some of the UK’s leading architects and designers to provide home improvements for clients all around the region. All our materials are purchased from the best possible sources, with our stone being sourced from some of the finest quarries around. We have various landscaping techniques at our disposal to help you transform your outdoor space into something truly inspirational. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of assistance or a complete overhaul of your home’s exterior, we can consider any project, so get in touch today if you’re looking for top-class soft and hard landscaping in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire and London.