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The Versatility of Indian Sandstone: an Affordable Alternative to York Stone

The Versatility of Indian Sandstone: an Affordable Alternative to York Stone

The popularity of Indian sandstone has grown in reason years. Due to its relatively cheap cost, it has become a popular and affordable alternative to York stone. Available in a range of colours and finishes, Indian sandstone has proved to be incredibly versatile. Today it’s used in everything from the construction of homes to stone paving.

More Affordable Than York Stone

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Compared to York stone, Indian sandstone is considerably cheaper. And as lower costs don’t necessarily mean reduced quality, there are real savings to be made, especially if you are planning to pave a large garden area.

Great Aesthetics and Variety

Indian sandstone comes in a number of varieties and colours. Fossil mint for example, is mostly beige with blends of pastel and is occasionally marbled with darker veins. In contrast, Raj Green is light green, with a beautiful tumbled variety. There is also Autumn Brown, for a more rustic feel or the ever-popular Beige Sewn or Grey Sewn sandstones.

Durability and Versatility

Built to last, Indian sandstone is incredibly durable and strong. Naturally hardwearing and waterproof it can take a lot of stress and still look fabulous. The quality of Indian sandstone can vary however as the strength and durability of the rock depends on the cementing material. It is therefore essential to buy the best quality sandstone. This being said, Indian sandstone has proved to be very versatile. It has been used widely in the construction of buildings and homes, and can also be used in flooring. In the UK, it’s most commonly used for stone and patio paving but can also be used in stone walls, stone steps and drives, and could be crafted into stone circles or borders/ edging

Ethically Sourced

indian sandstone stepsThe rise in popularity of the stone has led to a growing unregulated market, where not only is child and bonded labour common but where illegally built queries break international, labour standards and law. It is important therefore, to check with your supplier that your Indian Sandstone has been ethnically sourced.

Indian Sandstone is an incredibly versatile stone. It is durable, affordable and available in a range of colours and finishes making it a great alternative to York stone. At the London Step Stone Company, we only sell the sandstone from the best quarries and suppliers, and all our suppliers are ethically approved. Contact us to find out more about the advantages of Indian Sandstone – you won’t be sorry.