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How Installing Natural Stone Steps Increases the Value of Your Property

How Installing Natural Stone Steps Increases the Value of Your Property

The entrance to your home or business property should be welcoming, eye-catching and safe. So it stands to reason that any entranceway will benefit from the addition of natural stone steps. But it isn’t just your kerb appeal that will go through the roof. Installing natural stone steps will drastically increase the value of your property too. Here’s why.


Natural stone is amongst the finest building materials used in the world. Created by nature, each piece of stone is unique and different types of stone have their own distinct characteristics. Whether you prefer the warm, buff colours of York stone, the creamy-white of Portland stone, or the steely-grey of granite, natural stone steps will give you an entranceway to be proud of.

Durabilitystone steps

Natural stone has excellent technical qualities and most natural stones are renowned for their ability to withstand the rigours of the UK climate. Once you’ve made your initial investment, your steps will last for years – a massive selling point should you decide to move.

Low Maintenance

Most natural stones require very little maintenance to keep them looking at their best, and in fact some stones, such as York stone, are widely acknowledged to improve with age. Simply clean your steps with water and some mild soap if necessary and they’ll stay as good as new.

Non-Slipstone steps

Natural stone has excellent non-slip qualities making it the perfect material to use for your front door steps, especially if you have a young family or elderly relatives.


Stone steps are an excellent addition to the front of your property, giving you a grand, welcoming entrance, but this versatile material can also be used indoors. Its non-slip qualities make it safe for walking on barefoot or with socks, and with excellent thermal qualities natural stone will absorb the heat from the sun, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler during the summer.

stone stepsPrestige

Finally, natural stone is a prestigious building material so installing stone steps at the entrance of your property will make your entranceway elegant and give it a timeless, classic appeal.

If you’re interested in boosting your property’s value with natural stone steps, contact the London Stone Step Company today to speak with one of our experienced team. With a range of beautiful materials including Portland Stone, York stone, Granite, Indian Sandstone and Slate, we have the perfect option to raise the kerb appeal and value of your property.