Bespoke Stone Steps London

Masonry Stone Steps

Masonry Stone Steps

Stone steps are synonymous with prestige and elegance, and once they’re laid down they can take pride of place outside your property for decades. The stone we used can be cut into any shape that you require, with natural stone steps being an exquisite alternative to concrete steps, which can look cold and mechanical. Natural stone can stand up to the toughest of UK climates. Stone steps are incredibly resistant to the weather, which means that you won’t have to worry about chips and other damage.

Slate Stone Steps

Slate will provide you with extreme longevity, which means that you shouldn’t be finding yourself replacing it after just a few years. It holds no harm for the environment and can always be recycled when no longer needed. Its density makes it a reliable and robust choice, and it is also fireproof.
Use slate inside your home and you may see your energy bills reduced due to its strong insulation capabilities. What’s even better about slate is that it cannot be affected by the climate, so should keep on looking and performing fantastically for years to come.

Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone is extremely versatile and comes in an array of colours and finishes. It is often seen as a more affordable alternative to Yorkstone and is mainly used for paving and internal flooring. Indian Sandstone is available in a number of finishes and can provide a touch of both the contemporary and the timeless. More and more people are using Indian Sandstone for steps as well as driveways and patios.