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Personalise Your Garden with Natural Stone Features

Personalise Your Garden with Natural Stone Features

If you’d like to truly personalise your outdoor space, garden features made out of stone are an inspired choice. Natural stone is unique, beautiful and only becomes more enchanting as it weathers, adding elegance and magic to your garden. With careful thought and design know-how, any of the following features will add value to your home and transform your garden into an outdoor room, creating the perfect place for you to celebrate with friends or just relax in blissful solitude.

Natural Stone Paving

slate patio

Outdoor paving has a practical function, forming an even pathway or floor. But use natural stone and your paved terrace or patio immediately becomes a decorative feature. Indian sandstone is a good option for garden
paving, since it is affordable and comes in a range of colours and finishes. Vary the size of paving stones from large to small and create anything from a modern vibe to a rustic impression.

Garden Planters

Used with discernment, stone planters, pots and urns are an effective way of setting your garden’s overall tone. Classical urns impart a flavour of the Grand Tour, whereas planters in a contemporary design give a more avant-garde feel. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home with a hint of Zen: if so, choose geometric planters and troughs made from slate.

Monoliths and Feature Stones

Perfect for drawing the eye to a particular location, monoliths and feature stones can transform the way your garden is viewed. A resilient stone such as slate can even be
combined with a water feature, the moisture revealing hidden colours and textures in the stone. If your monolith is made from marble or granite, adding simple hand carving or holes will create a sense of mystery, hinting at the work of unseen forces on a natural landscape.

Stone Steps

yorkstone steps londonTo add the pièce de résistance to your garden makeover, consider a set of natural stone steps. Whatever the effect you seek to create, there is a natural stone which can achieve it. Carved Portland stone brings something of the authority and elegance of Britain’s historic buildings, while York stone’s warm colours sound a distinguished, authentic note. Granite and slate are hardwearing and give a feel of the natural world.

If you want to add value to your home and turn your garden into a truly unique space,
consider using natural stone features. A wide range of textures and finishes are available, each piece becoming more distinctive over time. Paving, planters, feature stones and steps are just a few of the many ways natural stone can enhance your garden. Contact the London Stone Step Company for more ideas about garden features made out of stone.