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Portland Stone

Portland Stone

Portland Stone

Portland stone is one of the most famous building stones in the world, and perhaps the most
famous ever produced in the UK. A Jurassic limestone that hails from the Isle of Portland,
Dorset, it has been used for many prestigious buildings and is renowned for its luxury.

Its creamy white aesthetics make it one of the most sought-after building materials for
homeowners and businesses alike.

Properties of Portland Stone

Composed from limestone that formed in shallow sub-tropical seas during the age of the
dinosaurs, Portland Stone is distinguished by its creamy colour and the fossilised shells and
miniscule pieces of coral within. Its fine white grain is easy to work, making it a favourite for

Portland Stone Steps

Quarried since Roman times, Portland stone has been shipped to London for building projects
since the 14th century. Early in the 17th century, extraction of the stone became an industry
and it quickly became the established building stone for the capital.

Today, Portland stone is widely exported, and it remains popular for prestigious entrances
due to its highly unique, marble-like appearance. Ideal for internal and external use, it isn’t
just visually attractive, it’s also one of the most durable options on the market today. Unlike
marble, it can be carved easily to fit any space and does not become slippery when wet,
making it a safe option for external steps.

An Entrance of Elegance

Portland Stone is a favourite amongst stonemasons due to its versatility and durability.
Used for many graceful buildings in London, including Buckingham Palace and the Bank of
England, it’s synonymous with the architect Sir Christopher Wren who used it for St Paul’s
Cathedral, sparking a growth in its popularity. The workability of Portland stone makes it
suitable for intricate design patterns so it’s the ideal option for detailed facades.

If you want to offer an elegant entrance to your property, then Portland stone may be the
perfect option for you. Installing stunning Portland stone steps to your property will add a
great deal of value to your home and give you a dramatic entranceway that will stun your

A Timeless Choice

Portland stone is a timeless choice, famed for its beauty and enduring qualities. Many of the
most significant and prestigious buildings in London have been constructed or faced with this
stone, and their condition today demonstrates its excellent weathering properties. The natural
features of Portland stone, such as the fossilised remains of sea creatures and calcified water
lines, add a structural integrity and character to its appearance that varies depending on where
the stone was quarried.

We can provide Portland paving stones as well as steps, and our craftsmen will cut the stone
to fit your unique requirements. If you’re interested in adding elegance and purity to your
home, garden, or business premises, opting for Portland stone is a practical as well as a
beautiful option, and its non-slip characteristics make it the ideal choice.

Stunning Craftsmanship

At the London Stone Step Company, we know how to make a stunning first impression
with Portland stone steps. We have worked with a wide range of clients in the South East to
supply and install a range of luxury Portland stone steps, floors and driveways, from those
with a limited budget to residential and business customers planning a major project. Our
relationship with leading engineers and architects means we consistently offer work that
surpasses expectations, and by choosing us you’ll benefit from years of experience, in-depth
expertise and flawless craftsmanship.

If you’re planning to add a touch of elegance to your property, your first step is to contact
the London Stone Step Company for a world-class service at a competitive price. Our stone
steps add a touch of character to your property and give it a sense of luxury and prestige. If
you’re interested in learning more about Portland stone in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent,
Berkshire and London, contact one of our experienced team today.