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York Stone

York Stone

York Stone – or Yorkstone – is one of the most popular building materials in the UK and is sourced, as the name would suggest, from the quarries of Yorkshire. It is a sandstone and is often re-used, hence the term “reclaimed Yorkstone”. Some feel that the stone only gets better with age, which is why there’s such a demand for the reclaimed variety.

York Stone

Properties of York Stone

York stone – or Yorkstone – is one of the most popular building materials in the UK. Hewn from the quarries of Yorkshire, as its name suggests, this sandstone has excellent technical qualities and the ability to stand the rigors of time, the UK climate, and heavy foot traffic. Many believe that York stone improves with age, so there is high demand for reclaimed or ‘Old’ York stone.

Characterised by fine, tightly packed grains of quartz – a material stronger than glass – York stone has a proven track record of durability and longevity. It’s renowned for its strength and its slip resistance.

York Stone Steps

York stone has been used for hundreds of years in various building projects across the UK and worldwide. It’s used as flags for pavements, cobbles for streets, stone curbs, interior flooring and driveways, and can be seen on everything from car parks to stately homes. Designers and architects still turn to York stone today because of its durability and character, and one of its most popular uses is for York stone steps. Its popularity is due to its non-slip properties, durability and longevity. The choice of colours available gives you the opportunity to compliment or transform the appearance of your house frontage, and it’s approved by local authorities, in most cases, for renovating listed properties.

Only Improving With Age

York stone is popular with residential and commercial clients alike and has been used all over the world. Favoured in heavy-duty environments where heavy machinery is used, it offers an investment that will last a lifetime. Beautiful, reclaimed York stone is considered beyond compare due to its classic character, and it’s sought out for many building projects because of the natural way it weathers meaning it blends perfectly with old property renovations or extensions. In addition to being cherished for its rustic appearance, it has the ability to conduct heat making it fantastic for interior use.

Natural Warm Colours

York stone is famous for its warm colours that differ depending on the area in which the stone was quarried and the minerals found in that area. This Carboniferous sedimentary rock includes quartz, clay, mica, feldspar and iron oxide, and the colours they produce range from a sandy buff to grey with a hint of silver and blue. Individual pieces of stone each have their own characteristics and markings with no two pieces exactly the same. Available in various thickness and finishing options, you can either order freshly mined York stone steps, or opt for reclaimed, reused slabs if you prefer a rustic, well-worn and mature look. Whether you opt for new or reclaimed, York stone steps will be the perfect option if you want a refined, distinguished and authentic approach to welcome guests at your front door.

A Worthwhile Investment

York stone has been used as the traditional pavement slab in London and many other towns and cities across the UK, which is testament to its durability and longevity. Opt for a York stone driveway as well, and we will provide you with a sub-base that will further enhance its durability.

Offering a classic, timeless appeal, this stone has proven its ability to stand the test of time in the UK climate, making it a worthwhile investment for your property that will last a lifetime. York stone steps can increase the value of your property, and they will only improve with age.

A Tried and Trusted Service

At the London Stone Step Company, we have a wealth of experience in supplying York stone paving and steps to customers in the South East. All our stone is sourced from the best quarries available, and has been crafted using traditional techniques to achieve a stunning finish and add a sense of character to your dramatic entranceway.

Our relationship with leading designers and architects enables us to offer work that consistently surpasses expectations, and we have been involved in full-scale restoration work as well as small one-off projects. Whatever the size of your project, your first step is to contact the London Stone Step Company for a world-class service at a competitive price.

If you’re interested in learning more about York stone in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire and London, contact one of our experienced team today.